General terms


Poste de pilotage

The captain on board has reached the age of majority and is responsible for the accompanying persons as well as for the equipment.

Charmes Nautiques reserves the right to refuse to hand over a boat to someone, who does not seem to be able to take responsibility.

In such a case, the tenant will be refunded the amount he has already paid for, except for the compensation for any damage.

Reservation - Prices - General Terms

The reservation is effective when Charmes Nautiques has confirmed the receipt of your signed and completed contract accompanied by a check with the prepayment of 40% of the total amount of the renting.

The balance will have to be paid off at the latest 30 days before departure or the contract will be cancelled. In case of reservation less than 30 days before departure, the total payment must be settled upon reservation.

A guarantee of 650 € must be paid before boarding. This amount will be refunded in case you return the boat with full equipment in good working order and clean condition.

You can also ask Charmes Nautiques to take care of the cleaning of the boat (the cost will be deducted from the prepayment).


Canal de Briare

The liability of the tenant towards third parties and the insurance of the boat and its equipment are included in the hiring price.

The caution left by the hirer upon boarding is to guarantee the damages or losses of equipment of the boat.

This insurance does not cover any loss or damage of personal belongings on the boat or on the company's grounds.

Domestic animals:

dogs and cats are welcome but limited to one animal per boat. Any damage or soil caused by the animals will be chargeable to the owner.


In case of an accident or damage or loss of equipment essential for the good sailing of the boat, the tenant must immediately contact Charmes Nautiques and conform to directions that will be given to him. He must not take any other initiative (report of accident, repair) without precise instructions of Charmes Nautiques.

Boarding - Return of the boat

Once the tenant has paid for the full settlement and the deposit, Charmes Nautiques hands over a seaworthy boat which is fully equipped. A complete inventory is drawn up and full instructions of boat handling are given.

The boat must be returned to the company at the end of the cruise and vacated at the agreed time and place. The tenant should take into account a security margin to cover all unforeseen circumstances or engine failures. Charmes Nautiques reserves the right to recover from the tenant any expenses which has incurred as a result of late return or non return of the boat at the agreed time or place.

Charmes Nautiques reserves the right to alter the place of boarding and disembarkation in case of waterway closing, maintenance work, flood or drought.

In no way this will give rise to any compensation.

Cruise interruption

Charmes Nautiques is not responsible for any fluvial interruptions caused by any circumstances out of its control (e.g. waterway closing, maintenance work, flood or drought, strike of lock keepers). The tenant contracts to use the boat in a normal way according to the regulations and rules established by the Navigation Services, the police and the French Gendarmerie.

Charmes Nautiques owns to right to cancel the contract and stop navigation if it judges that security measures have not been respected.

Charmes Nautiques undertakes to maintain a breakdown service between 9h and 19h and to attend to any breakdown rapidly within the contacts of availability of material and personnel.

The tenant shall have no claim against Charmes Nautiques as a result of a grounding breakdown or failure of its engine or equipment.

Charmes Nautiques accepts no liability for any waste of time or money due to such circumstances.

Cancellation plan

The tenant wishing to cancel, must send as soon as possible a writing letter to the company.

Charmes Nautiques does its utmost to rent the boat and in that case, shall refund the amount paid with the exception of 76 € (to cover the formality costs).

In case it has been impossible for Charmes Nautiques to rent the boat, the amount paid will not be refunded.

Cancellation by Charmes Nautiques

Cancellation by Charmes Nautiques, whatever the moment it occurs, will give rise to the refund of all amounts paid, except if Charmes Nautiques proposes a boat of equivalent capacity and comfort for the same period. The tenant is unable to lay claim to any compensation.

Cancellation insurance

The tenant is advised to take a cancellation insurance fixed at 4% of the total hire fee (not refundable) to be paid with the deposit at time of reservation. This insurance is valid until the day of departure in the following circumstances: illness, important accident or death of one of the members of the party, or of a first line ascendant or descendant.

This insurance covers the tenant up to the amount he paid for his final booking, less the insurance fee and an extra of 46 € administration costs. Only the court of Orleans is competent in case of disputes. The French law applies to this contract.

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